Mapping study of large-scale and local schemes to attain healthy weights among obese and overweight children in England (Public access)

About this database
In late 2007, the Department of Health commissioned the EPPI-centre at the Institute of Education, University of London, to carry out a mapping exercise of schemes to attain healthy weights among obese and overweight children in England.

This database contains information on a number of key aspects of these schemes, and it is freely searchable. Users are able to search the database to run their own reports, listing projects in which they are interested.

A study report which can be found here, on how the database was constructed, provides a number of health warnings about the reliability of the data. While this project is now closed, feedback on any errors you may spot can be sent to

Individual search stages can be combined in the 'Search History' using the boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. Several other functions have recently been added to facilitate searches on this database. Use 'Explore' to browse a list of studies which have been coded according to a selected keywording term. The 'Crosstabs' function can be used to generate a table comparing keyword terms against each other, and the results can then be linked to the individual schemes. Free text or keyword functions will generate text reports.

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This database is hosted by the EPPI-Centre which is part of the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, London.