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New Post
16/08/2011 18:16

The Online Shop for EPPI-Reviewer is finally available as part of the "Account Manager". There is a new tab in the account manager called "Purchase". When opened, it will ask you to fill your billing details (this is a legal requirement) and will allow you to access the shop after filling them in. From the shop, it will be possible to renew any subscription (not only your own), provided that the right details are known. This will allow to delegate the appropriate people in the purchasing department of your organisation to purchase subscriptions on your behalf. To do so, the delegated person will need to create an account (as if it was an ordinary "trial" account). It is always possible to log on the "Account Manager" with an existing account (even if expired). This will allow delegates to purchase accounts for other people (without needing to renew their own subscription) and will also allow everybody to renew expired accounts only when needed.

The other features of the shop will be explained in detail at a later time, including an instructional video.

The shop accepts debit and credit cards from the Visa circuit and MasterCard credit cards.

Starting from today (16/08/2011), the online shop is the preferred route to purchase subscriptions. Using the shop is the fastest way to renew your subscriptions: accounts will be updated in real time, as soon as the payment notice will reach our systems (this usually takes a few seconds only). If you can't, or don't want to use the online shop, purchasing via the old paperwork trail (invoice + bank transfer) is still possible.

It took a long time to develop this much-awaited-for functionality: the main reason is that we were not prepared to accept any compromise with security. Since the shop needs to involve four parties (the EPPI-systems, the external card verification provider - we never see your card details -, the Institute of Education financial systems and, of course, the customers), making sure that all communications were watertight and that all security requirements were fulfilled by all the systems involved has proven much more difficult than the expected. It was hard work, but we are now sure that your safety is secured at the highest possible level and we hope you will find it very convenient to purchase your subscriptions through the shop.

New Post
08/12/2011 19:49


thank you for making available this payment functionality, it is greatly appreciated.

I have a question for the credit card modality. Which billing address do we need to enter if a third party is making the payment with a credit card, our postal address or the third party's postal address?


Thank you for your help,

Melanie L. B.

New Post
09/12/2011 10:22

Hello Melanie,

When you click on the Purchase tab the first screen you see will prompt you to enter your postal address. This is normally the address of the organisation that will be using the software.

As you proceed through the purchasing process and get to the point where you need to enter your card details you will be prompted to enter a billing address. Your billing address is the address where you are receiving the statements for your credit / debit card. This may be different than the address of your organisation.  By this point of the process the transaction is being handled by the universities online purchasing system so we never see this information.

Best regards,


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