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01/08/2012 15:24

There is much happening under the hood, however, the bigger changes that we are preparing will have to wait for the next update. The latest version is therefore mostly a maintenance release. Some of the bug-fixes listed below have actually been active for some time: whenever possible, we will fix the bugs in real-time, as and when a solution is available.

Bug Fixes

Read Only Mode:
The read only mode is a locked down interface that allows a user to see/explore a review but prevents data changes. This can be used to allow non reviewers to see and evaluate on-going work. Read only mode is also active when an expired-account is used or when non review-owners access a shared and expired review.
In review statistics, read-only mode does not allow to complete/uncomplete codes anymore. Read-only mode now allows to load diagrams and does not allow to delete meta-analysis and reports.

Downloading Attached Documents ("Document details", "Citation details" tab, "Files" panel): a recent version of Firefox started to refuse to download all non PDF documents, this is now fixed.

"Collaborate" tab, “View” comparison Window: in some rare circumstances, clicking “List agreed” or “List disagreed” in the “view stats” window, could retrieve a list with some additional (undesired) items. Clicking “Complete” will ignore items that are already completed (by anyone, not just the reviewers that belong to the comparison).

New Features

New behaviour for expired shareable reviews: expired shared reviews will remain writable for the review owner, they become “read-only” for all the other members.

Duplicate checking: closing the Duplicates window used to reload the “included items” list, it now refreshes the current list, so to show whatever changes may have happened while dealing with duplicates, but without defaulting back to the "included items" list.

"Collaborate" tab, “View” comparison Window: the “Complete” buttons are now disabled if coding is either already completed (all agreed items) or coding has changed after the comparison was created.

Optimisations and cosmetic changes

"Add\Manage Source(s)" window, "Manage Sources" tab: the query that gets all stats about a single source was occasionally timing out. This is now solved.

"Collaborate" tab, “View” comparison Window: the “Agreements” and “Disagreements” areas are now visually grouped with the corresponding buttons. The “Complete” dialog window (Click “complete” on the “View” comparison Window) now shows the full text, it was clipped before.

"Collaborate" tab, various "Comparison" windows: added some explanatory text to specify that comparisons refer to the situation as it was when the comparison was created.

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (01/08/12 - V Changes (01/08/12 - V

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