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New Post
01/12/2010 15:39

The following is a short list of changes introduced with version (01/12/10). This is another relatively minor upgrade with few but remarkable new functionalities.

The List:

  • Added a new report accessible through the additional "Get coding report(s) for selected item(s)" button on the home screen toolbar; it evaluates the selected documents from the main documents list and creates a complete report about the selected code sets. The only limitations are the 700 document page size and the memory available in the web browser: as the report might be very long, your browser may struggle to display it all.
  • Many changes in meta-analysis: results now display in the standard report viewer (it is possible to edit/save everything, including forest plots); meta-analysis of all outcomes and outcome types is now implemented; sub-group analysis - fixed and random effects models is implemented along with statistical tests and an estimate of the amount of variance explained by a given subgroup. Complete list of features will be inserted in the manual shortly.
  • Document Details Window now tells you how far through the current list you are, like in "[showing item:] 3 / 700".
  • Sources tab on the right toolbar: changed List and Delete/Undelete buttons. The “List” button is now on the first column, followed by the delete/undelete button (this one now contains suitable icons instead of text).
  • Manage Sources/Add Source Window: removed all limitations in the search string length (all tabs).
  • Fix: the table that lists the linked records is now read-only (document details window, linked records tab), to edit a link please use the appropriate button.
  • Behind the scenes: we are doing some major changes in the (still hidden) permission system. This is work in progress and will take some time; the final aim is to allow review owners to decide what level of access should other members of a shared review have.

As usual, comments and suggestions are more than welcome.


HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (1/12/2010 - V Changes (1/12/2010 - V

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